What makes a book feminist?

While the obvious answer is that it is about feminism, that’s not the whole answer. Can’t a book be feminist without overtly saying it?

I suppose it boils down to being about the principles that feminism espouses. Interestingly, this does not limit us to non-fiction. There is a lot of great fiction out there, what would you call a feminist fiction story?

When I asked myself that question, I first thought of the characters. Its a feminist book if the main character is identified as a feminist. But then I realized that’s far too limiting. A character can represent some or all of our principles without being labelled during the story. If the plot of the book follows a path to understanding a feminist principle, I would still call that a feminist book.

It seems like a complex question and to better explore it, I’ll ask you this:

What’s your favorite book that you would call feminist that isn’t otherwise labelled that way?

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