Persona by Genevieve Valentine

Persona begins with a vote at the International Assembly as the world of Suyana Sapaki begins to materialize for the reader. There are many intricacies to living in this world, and she knows where she stands in it, but that doesn’t make it easy to navigate. It only takes a moment for things to go desperately wrong.

If you’re a fan of a good conspiracy theory, mystery, thrillers, or political intrigue, this is a great book to pick up next!

Every character was interesting and not entirely what you thought they should be. Everyone had another side, another dimension, and another agenda. Persona drew me in right away and kept a pace through out the novel. I wish there was more!

The feminist in me particularly loved these things about it:

  • the protagonist is not only a woman, but a woman of color and it has a range of female characters with differing orientations and looks from there
  • she has her own agenda indepedent of the other characters
  • it solidly passes the Bechdel test
  • this is not just another love story that sounds like it’s based on a woman but really revolves around a man, in fact, it’s not a love story at all (not that there’s anything wrong with them, just give me some variety!)

Personally, I had gotten audiobook which is available on Audible! My next audiobook is Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman, get at your local library or my astore!

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