What do you think about herstory?

The term grated me a bit at first. Then I saw and realized the sad truth of this popular meme:

(Copied from pinterest, here’s the URL for the pin, not that I saw it on the page itself so I’m not sure where it comes from)

It’s sadly true. I started to appreciate that there really isn’t much of a place for us in history, but there should be. It’s about more than using history or herstory as a term. It’s acknowledging that we’ve always been there, contributing and working on life’s issues. People want to hard on women not having done as much, but it’s considerably more difficult to do “great” things while being systematically denied an education for millenia. However, some women did break through and they should be acknowledged by history, not just Google.
Thank you Google for helping to raise awareness that women are not getting their due in history. It’s not just about the first woman to do whatever, it’s the first person to do some things at all. Women were important to computer history, but no one talks about that prior to Apple and Microsoft. It was a woman who discovered that the earth had a core. There have been great women in science that I’ve only heard their names from Redbubble’s Women in Science line. It’s ridiculous!

Have you read any herstory? What do you consider herstory? I plan to include herstory books in this blog and will be beginning with Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman because, well, she was great, why wouldn’t I?

But do older commentaries count as herstory, like The Woman’s Bible and The Second Sex?

I think so. They’re part of the herstory of our movement to be recognized as whole people in society.

What do you think about herstory? 

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