Scarlet (Book 2 of the Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer

If you missed my post on the first book, Cinder, click here.

In Book 2, we do return to Cinder, but the story isn’t entirely focused on her. The world has widened a little and this one focuses quite a bit of time in Europe, France to be specific, as we follow Scarlet’s search for her grandmother. Meyer has geniously reimagined the old tale of Little Red Riding Hood in what is probably the most imaginative way I have ever seen. Honestly, Meyer’s ability to put her characters through similar trials but with such differences is truly amazing.

Again, a reimagining dream come true for me.

It’s not just that the female protagonists are neither doormats nor cliche or that their male counterparts are so much more than the originals stories allowed them to be, it’s that Meyer has created a world where all these things are possible in both the way we are familiar with and a way that is totally new at the exact same time. It’s the little things like that the Lunar’s created an army out of men who they have trained to act like wolves but it’s people from the moon triggering men to turn into wolves! Okay, so that sounds like I said the same thing twice, but, seriously, it’s genius. I can’t wait to see how she tears through the next story to make it so much the same and yet totally different!

Here are the links to my reviews for the rest of the series: CressWinter. Plus there are Fairest and Stars Above.


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