Bitch Planet Vol 1 and Ms. Marvel Vol 3

I read the first of the comics that make up this graphic novel a few months ago, but I finally saw the full novel just this weekend and it was awesome!

For starters, I appreciate the general message of the series. The premise of the series, for those who aren’t familiar, is that women are required to comply with the wishes of all men and the messages that the men in charge push at them through the media. Those who are non-compliant are labeled as such and sent off the planet to a center where they are “rehabilitated”.

That first one starts with a woman sure that there was a mistake. She outlines all the ways that she has striven to be compliant and even admits to some shortcomings that she was actively working on. Then there’s a magnificent twist that I won’t spoil.

The rest of this graphic novel broadens the world a bit. We meet some of the players on Bitch Planet, which is the nickname of the non-compliant center and we begin to see some of the “fathers” that run the world. No, these fathers are not depicted as religious leaders as we might recognize the usage of in modern society. However, they do run the world. They decide what’s compliant for women, and what men should be focusing on as well. That’s the rub, when society controls how everyone act, no one can really escape it, can they? There’s also a great piece on body image that made me cringe right up to the end but was only slighty exagerated from what one can expect in even today’s society. The whole thing makes me a little sick and a lot uncomfortable but all in a way that makes me appreciate the need for feminism, what’s it’s done and what it stil strives to do.

Anyway, I won’t spoil anything, but if you haven’t begun this series, you should!

Then there’s this chick! I love Kamala Khan! She’s quirky and committed and independent and well, everything I could hope for in a modern superhero. Honestly, I really hope they bring her in to MCU or at least Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and the Inhuman plotline they have going. It doesn’t have to be big, but just a nod to the awesomeness that is Kamala Khan, especially since it looks like Carol Danvers is coming in as Captain Marvel right from the start.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoyed the first two volumes of her graphic novels and I just wanted to come back and add this one! Ms. Marvel continues to be challenged and work into her new role as Jersey City’s very own superhero. This one sets up a bigger plotline that may span several novels. It opens up some more of the Inhuman world beyond what Volume 2 had done.

Again, if you haven’t started reading this, you should!

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  1. The former seems really interesting but I’m just really uncomfortable with the title. If I had that in my house and any of my family saw it I’m dead. Lol. Glad that you’re enjoying your reads.

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    1. I understand. I felt a little conflicted putting it in the title of the post, but I do it for all the other books I read. I’m nearing the days when I will have problems with books laying around the house. We’re getting into the beginning stages of teaching our son to read, so it’s only a matter of time. I get them on Kindle or pick them up at the bookstore while I have a coffee so they don’t come in the house. Of course, that means I have to wait for the Volumes rather than read them as the issues come out, but it’s not a big deal.


      1. It’s worth it I suppose. I have two nephews and man we are so careful around them!!!! Can’t you just hide them away in one of the top shelves though?

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