Cress (Book 3 of the Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer

If you missed the posts on Cinder and Scarlet, click on the titles. They should definitely be read first.

All of three books of this series so far have been beautifully crafted into a dream come true for me. My two favorite kinds of fiction are faity tales and sci-fi and Meyer brings them together. She created a world that allows some of our classic fairy tales to come to life in a way that I could never have imagined. And this one especially made my little feminist heart flutter.

It was the part where Scarlet quietly muses that there was a time when men would have fought wars to possess a woman as beautiful as Queen Levana but now she has to threaten war to get the Emperor to marry her that really got me here. If that doesn’t make the little feminist part of your heart flutter, how about choosing between being a princess or a revolutionary or realizing that an epic love doesn’t have to be something that happens to you hapharzardly?

Despite that there was plenty for the feminist in me, I never felt like it got preachy or was trying too hard. It was just fun from start to finish.

Here are the links to my review for Winter also. Plus there are Fairest and Stars Above.

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