Femme Friday and Records

Did you know that the highest grossing author is a woman? Yeah, most people learned from Forbes online that J.K. Rowling is the first billion dollar author EVER back in ’04. Of course, Rowling’s books were quite the phenomenon and most people have heard of her or her characters. That’s a big part of how you get to be the highest grossing author, right? But that’s not the only measure of an author and not the only list that is topped by a woman.

According to Wikipedia, the most prolific author of all time was also a woman. Her name was Corin Tellado. She wrote over 4,000 Spanish novellas and photonovels. I can’t even imagine writing that much, but she did it for 63 years before her death in 2009.

However, Tellado was not the most published author, that is where she ranks 13th behind some notable authors of more full length novels, such as our billion dollar woman, who is still not number one. The number one best selling author William Shakespeare. Yeah, I was neither surprised to find a man topping the list or Shakespeare. I mean, he’s requited reading at all kinds of schools and has been published forever. Right behind him, though, are three women whose names you probably also recognize. Agatha Christie, Barbara Cartland, and Danielle Steele.

Honestly, taking the time to look at these numbers makes me wonder how in the world agents and publishers like the ones mentioned in this article can even think about substantiating their bias.

*This is a fiction only list.

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