Thor: Goddess of Thunder Vol 1

Finally! I know it’s been out for a while but I hadn’t gotten my hands on it until now. Yeah, I was trying to read it the cheap way but finally couldn’t resist.

So there was a lot of controversy when it was first announced that Thor was going to be a woman a few years ago. I was especially worried because it wasn’t like they could just reboot it. Their take was pretty genius, though. Thor is tied to Mjölnir, so if the hammer no longer deems him worthy, what if someone else is?

Still, I worried.


I loved the way she became Thor and the response. I loved that the old Thor was pissed and the reactions of everyone else. I loved the tension between the All-Mother and the All-Father. I loved the part where a random criminal says that these feminists are ruining everything and even better was her response. It felt like it was literally responding to all the negativity it got.

I know it’s not for everyone, but what comic is actually universal? I appreciated that she wasn’t overly sexualized too. It’s great to have sexy superheroes but there’s an extreme and we seem to be coming back from it. I look at some of the older costumes and cringe. It’s not that I can’t appreciate the desire for superheroes to be hot or that the men weren’t overly muscled at the same time, but it was just so ridiculous. Some still are, but again, we’re dialing it back. Thor is one of those characters that are part of that.

I also thought it was despicable but great that they kept the mystery going about who she was.

Of course, by now I could just google it, which I did. Their choice of the first woman to become Thor was awesome! But I’ll leave that for the issue that actually reveals it.

Have your read about Thor: Goddess of Thunder? What did you think?

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