Quote of the Week – from Birth of the Pill

In 1916, Sanger opened her first birth control clinic at 46 Amboy Street in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, where she, her sister Ethel, and a team of nurses distributed condoms and Mizpah pessaries (flexible rubber caps that were commonly sold in drug stores as a “womb support”but in reality functioned similarly to a diaphragm or cervical cap). The pamphlets advertising the clinic, printed in English, Yiddish, and Italian, read:


Can you afford to have a large family? Do you want any more children?

If not, why do you have them?


Safe, Harmless Information can be obtained at 46 AMBOY STREET.

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  1. Every time I take a peek at your blog I am reminded that I don’t read nearly enough feminist non-fiction. Maybe I can ask for more feminist non-fiction for my birthday soon.

    Anyway, the birth of the pill and the pill’s impact sounds so fascinating. Are you going to write a full review?

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