Femme Friday – Historical Ladies

I have grown to love a good anthology of women in history. I’ve actually read a few at this point. They are

I’m also looking at reading Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women by Catherine Thimmesh and Melissa Sweet for Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge 2016 (it’s my non-fiction on science) and Rad Women Worldwide by Kate Schatz and Miriam Klain Stahl when it comes out this September. In addition to books about people who have already completed their life’s work (like most, if not all, of the women mentioned in the above books), there are books about women who are still creating and contributing such as:


What I really love about these anthologies is that they don’t just highlight one woman as if there were some token geniuses and no one else of consequence. They show a consistent history of women’s presence and contribution to any given topic. I have to admit, of the ones listed above, my favorite was Headstrong. Between the assumption that women shouldn’t/won’t/don’t like and aren’t good at science, we sure provided some breakthroughs in it. It’s good to see that women are gaining in acknowledgement of these accomplishments. Maybe one day women will be adequately included and represented in history and won’t need a special month or special books to be recognized.

Maybe…. maybe not. Women aren’t exactly the only group with this issue, though. Time will tell.



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