The Happenings

I’m starting to feel like I’m getting a handle on this blog. It’s not perfect and I still get a little rushed, but I’m getting the timing worked out. I did not intend on turning this into one of those blogs that have posts as often as I do these days, but it’s fun and I love doing it. But again, I’m working out the timing and promise not to totally lose my mind or drop the ball as I try to fit the wide world of feminism into the books that I read or vice versa. So anyway, this is what’s been going on here this month!

What I’m Reading:

I just started Between the World and Me a few days ago and am just amazed. I shared a quote yesterday that had given me a new perspective on a ritual that I also sat through. Coates has a way of writing that is just spellbinding for me. I had not quite looked at the world this way, though I recognize it. I just never saw it.

It’s a great read, but especially important for those of us who are not only feminists, but those who believe in the way oppressions intersect and leave us with differing views and amounts.

I always have enjoyed the Nora Ephron movies. This is the first of her books that I’ve read and it is a lot of fun.



Read this month

Not everything has been reviewed yet, but most have been. I think I’m only missing two and I’ll get the next week.



Bible Project:

Not quite caught up, but making some good progress. I’ve managed to map out the way ahead a little and not get further behind or completely frazzle myself. Yay!

So I’m done with Deuteronomy and on to Joshua!


I started the Read Harder Challenge from Book Riot. The first link has my list of books to read for that. It was fun just writing the list and getting into genres and types of books that I would not normally think to look in. Listening to audiobooks instead of actually sitting down with print does make me feel a little guilty, but hey, I gotta do what I can to ingest the material and sitting down isn’t always possible in my life! Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to get back to it.

That being said, The Tao of Martha was one of my challenge books and so was The Winter People. For the complete list of my books for this challenge, click here. I have figured out what my over 500 pages book should be, Isabella: The Warrior Queen by Kirstin Downey. I’ll still be reading other books interspersed with my challenge books, but I know I’ll get it done. Just building the list felt like part of fun.

I also started my year of reading women of color. My first thought was to try to do 10 but then I went through my list of books read and my list of books for Read Harder and realized I already had 8 slated for the year. That wouldn’t have been much of a challenge! So I doubled it. We’ll see how much I can crush it once I’m done with Read Harder. To see my list of books for this challenge, click here.

Femme Friday:

This has become a great segment every week. It might be the most fun of those that I do write. It can get a little stressful at times, but it’s mostly just fun. It feels like the reason I write this blog in the first place. Thank you to Vicky at Books and Strips for getting me started on it. Posts this month have been on Interesting Female CharactersHistorical LadiesWomen I’ve Read, and Women who tell another story.

Life and Feminism

On the feminist front, I feel like my reading and learning is coming along. I may never completely catch up, but I am starting to feel like I can better explain myself. This is particularly true when confronted by some of those moments in life when people are being exclusive around me. The goal is to get people thinking, not to change minds. Only they can change their mind, but I can give them something to think about, if I can make it interesting enough. I have to say that Between the World and Me has been an enlightening read so far. It’s not that it’s new information, but it’s put in a way that finally makes sense to me. I’ve heard a lot about racism and the way it effects people, but this isn’t some sweeping analysis of facts. This is the everyday and the legacy, and it’s true. It doesn’t accuse or excuse any group of anything. It just lays out the world the way that it is, and it’s true. It’s so obviously true that I wish it was taught in school, but not as literature. Thus far, it represents another piece of history that needs to be told, and not just for blacks or African Americans. Every minority group needs something like this to represent what was done and not just how it was done. We only seem to teach how things happened in history, and not the toll these actions took on the people they affected. I’ll be posting a full recommendation when I finish it.

I have officially discovered Booklikes, so I’ve added the blog over there too, click here to see it. Beware, though, it’s still under construction! I imported my Goodreads library and it’s a little bit of a disaster because all the Goodreads stuff came over but the old posts from here don’t migrate, but it should be a nice and streamlined process for the future. It’s definitely a better way to get the book covers than what I was doing!

Is anyone else on Booklikes? Have you had a good experience with it?

Don’t forget that books can be bigger than their pages and the thoughts that they store can spark movements. Visit Bigger than books for a list of foundations that were either inspired or were a major part of a book to donate to.

As life goes, I’m getting a handle on the blog stuff. Some days it feels like I stretched and reached too far but I love it too much to pull back.

And that’s what’s been going on this month!

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