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Lumberjanes #1-4 by Brooke Allen, Grace Ellis, and Noelle Stevenson


Lumberjanes #1 - Brooke Allen,Grace Ellis, Noelle StevensonLumberjanes #2 - Grace Ellis,Shannon Watters, Noelle StevensonLumberjanes #3 - Grace Ellis, Noelle StevensonLumberjanes #4 - Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson

I have to admit, I was interested the first time I saw the title of this comic. It took a while for me to actually pick it up, but that happens with me. Too many books and comics out there to get to all of them while their still new.

The day finally came when I could read through a couple of these and it’s definitely a series I’ll keep up with. The premise is fun and the content is even better. It’s everything that I’ve experienced in large groups of girls, especially among the more tomboyish variety.

#1 mostly serves to introduce everyone, and then the rest expound on the strangeness of their camp and surroundings. Part of the fun of a group of girlfriends is that some say yes to adventure and they bring along their more cautious friends who just may have the words of a reason to get them to safety later. Love these girls!


(Note: 3 and 4 were added later. The first two I read in May and the second two I read in July. In the future, I’ll probably just do the volumes and count them as one book rather than several.)

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