How to Be Single by Liz Tuccillo


How to be Single (Audio) - Judy Greer,Liz Tuccillo This was a nice, light listen. I especially appreciate it coming off the darker historical fictions that I had just finished. Things to love: narrated by Judy Greer, new perspectives on an old problem, girlfriends, that the girlfriends of several social varieties going through different things, showcasing some other cultures, feminist in its own way. Things not to love: the girlfriends are not diverse and the cultures seem a little stereotyped to me.

I love the idea of reframing the question of “why are you single” to “how are you single”. It’s a great idea. Let’s go for a description instead of shame or blame. Being not-single shouldn’t have to be a lifelong pursuit that you are socially penalized for failing at or discarding.

There really is something magical about having a group of girlfriends, even when you are married. I know not all actual groups of girlfriends are diverse, but I expect a little more from fiction. Maybe “prefer” is a better word. I’d rather the group be a little more diverse than it was in race or ethinicity but the diversity of life-circumstances was great.

I also love the idea of seeking answers from other cultures, I just didn’t so much like the nuanced and stereotypical way that the other cultures were discussed and brought in. None of it felt very different from what I expect an episode of New Girl on dating foreigners might showcase.

Altogether, it was a great little beach read/listen. It wasn’t too serious, it wasn’t long, and the end wasn’t disappointing. It may have been a bit predictable, but not disappointing. I finished it with a slightly warmer fuzzy than I got in the first pages, but it didn’t revolutionize my world (not every book will and I would never put that expectation on a book at its onset, but it’s a nice surprise when they do).

I’d recommend it to anyone in the mood for a bit of an indulgent and light read.

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