Femme Friday – Before The Book Gets To Me Part 1


There are two ways that authors can publish a book. They can do it themselves or they can find a way into a book press. For those going the book press route, there are also the literary agents that may or may not be called helpful, depending on who you ask. While reading Stephen King’s On Writing. A Memoir of the Craft , I first came upon the literary writer. From King, they are recommended, but I’ve heard some make them out to be just as hard to pin down as the book press itself.

Still, there are two ways for a book to begin to make it’s way to me. Let’s look at women in both.

Self Publishing

There are a whole lot of people out there publishing books on their own from a whole lot of places. Here are some lists of women making it or making a difference by it:

Book Press

On the other hand, if wish to go the traditional route, there are plenty of women-run book presses. A comprehensive list was compile by VidaList of women-run presses.

As the Geena Davis Institute well pointed out with movies and television, more women behind the scenes naturally relates to more women up front. Going to these presses won’t guarantee another woman’s book is published by them, but it certainly helps their chances. Not to mention, we should be helping each other branch out and reach up, though not to the exclusion of others.

Literary Agents. It’s surprisingly hard to find a list of women who are literary agents or agencies run by women. My search engine keeps getting caught up on “female protagonist” instead. However, there were lots of women listed as I browsed other kinds of lists. Perhaps I can compile one for a future post.

Also, here is an article so fed up with the bias that still exists against women writers that the author is calling for 2018 to be the Year of Publishing Women.

Whether self-publishing or going the traditional route, there are women out there working on their manuscripts, figuring it out and publishing new books for us to read. There are women publishing these books and there are women out there being agents. There probably aren’t enough out there, but they’re out there and we should take a look at the work they’re all doing.


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