Diverse Books Tag – Memoirs!

I got a little overzealous when the tag first came to me, I wanted to two. One with memoirs and one with superheroes, but I was down one superhero. Okay, only sort of. I didn’t have a biracial protagonist but plenty of characters. Maybe I’ll find one and share them down the road. For now, this is list of books in these categories that are memoirs, because I LOVE memoirs. I love hearing about true stories and how people persevered through them. Okay, one or two are more of a commentary based on personal experience, but I’m counting them because the commentary and experience are within the categories.

Note: Links for the books I’ve read go to my review, and others go directly to their Booklikes book page so that you can see the reviews that are out there and make up your mind if you want to read them. Of course, science fiction cannot be a memoir, as it has to not have been scientifically possible yet by definition, but The Tale of Yin is a science fiction with a POC protagonist and written in memoir style.

And then there are the obligatory list of people to tag. I’d love to see a list of diverse books from:

  1. Another Book Blog
  2. Cafe Book Bean
  3. inspiredbyabook
  4. The Bookish Agenda
  5. thereadingdesk

Thank you to Vicky at Books and Strips for tagging me!

oh, and there are rules for the tag (which I broke because I listed books I’ve already read, but I love them and want everyone to read them so I brought them up again here):

  • For each of the categories below, list a book that you have either read or want to read that fits the bill. If you do not know of any book, go looking–search engines (like Google), and bookish sites (like goodreads and Book Riot) are a great place to start. Or ask a librarian:)
  • Having prepared your list, post it on your blog/talk about it on your YouTube channel.
  • Tag at least five other people to post their own lists and keep this tag going

4 thoughts on “Diverse Books Tag – Memoirs!

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  1. Yay, thanks for tagging me. 😀 this might prove to be a real challenge since I didn’t read diversely until I started my book blog, haha. Nonetheless, I’m excited. Thanks again! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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