Femme Friday – Cover Artists and Designers

My Fave: Mia from Likhain

She did this lovely cover:

The Terracotta Bride - Zen Cho

I haven’t read the book yet, but I was thinking about some of my favorite covers and going through my shelf and this one popped into my head before I came to it on the list. It’s just beautiful and compelling. The title had been captivating enough to want to read the book, but then the cover captures so much turmoil that I just couldn’t help myself.

I also loved the covers for Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi and Cinder by Marissa Meyer, okay, the whole Lunar Chronicles series. Both had design features done by women but the cover art was done by men*. Both are featured on this on the 25 Most Wonderful Book Covers of 2012, which is the year both were published. The New York Times did one for 2015.

The Casual Optimist, which is another book blog, had done a Twitter campaign using #celebratewomen so that follows can share inspiring women graphic designers. He followed it up on International Women’s Day by sharing 52 women book cover designer here. The list features four gorgeous covers per designer and links to their portfolios.

While looking around for accomplished female cover artists and designers, I came across an interesting article that I’d like to share about the covers of books written by men and women. There is an obvious difference when perusing book shelves that women get one kind of cover and men get another. Both styles can be compelling, it’s just interesting that they are so stereo typically set into two distinct and different styles. Because of this, one author sent out a tweet calling for a coverflip where people change the cover from looking like it was written by a man for men to read to looking like it written by a woman for women to read. I think my favorite is for A Game of Thrones, which just looks ridiculous when it’s covered for women. Then again, A Clockwork Orange had a cover for women that I like more than the original. Check out the article with the results here.

What’s your favorite cover? Did a woman design it or provide the art? 

*As a Femme Friday post, I was looking to honor the contributions of women, which are usually overlooked, but I did not want to discount the beauty of these books just because the art was done by men, especially since women contributed to the end product as well. Also, they’re gorgeous.

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