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So I’ve heard a lot about Booktube in the months since I’ve started a book blog. I was hesitant, not wanting to add to my blogging workload by having another site that I should canvas, but I had a little time and decided to finally check it out. I found Ariel Bissett and she was glorious. My favorite of the few that I listened to was this one:

The scenarios were hilarious and her picks were even better, though I wouldn’t necessarily agree. But we don’t have to agree and it’s not even that I thought the books she chose were wonderful but that I felt like others were worse. Okay, I did enjoy Mockingjay more than she did, thought she’s totally right about it not being near as good as the other two. I’m not one for making videos, though, and I wanted to see what others thought that I correspond with here anyway.

So, my picks:

Zombie Apocalypse: Where overhyped books are the one thing that can defeat a zombie and must be sacrified to save us all:

Emma - Jane Austen,Fiona Stafford  Emma – Jane Austen,Fiona Stafford

I know, it’s a classic, people love it, there have even been movies made about it. The only I’ve enjoyed was Clueless. In the story, Emma is seriously messing with people’s lives in her  terrible match making. While the point of her story may be that she realizes this, there are some irrevocable problems that her actions cause, though not all, fortunately. Why is Clueless exempt? It’s just high school, not permanent, so who really cares?

Torrential Downpour: Where a book must be sacrificed to cover your expensive new hairstyle during a hard rain because you need the style to go to some special event.

Rapture: Book 4 of the Fallen Series by Kate, Lauren (2012) - Lauren Kate  Rapture: Book 4 of the Fallen Series by Kate, Lauren (2012) – Lauren Kate

I loved the premise of the first book, Fallen. The next two started the downward spiral that the series would end with, but this one really hit rock bottom. I mean, the way the story ended was cute, but finding out where the tension had originated was SO DISAPPOINTING. There are about a million other ways to do this. It’s like she realized that the protagonist wasn’t “strong” and wanted to turn her into a “strong female character” two books in and it was too late. The series would have been better off playing to the strengths the character actual had up to that point. Just ick.

Teacher Chucked Classic: What book irritated you so much that you could have just chucked it at the teacher and not even cared about the consequences? Detention would have been worth it.

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens  Great Expectations – Charles Dickens

This is not the only classic that I’ve not enjoyed. I hated Beloved and the Crucible, and The Great Gatsby, but I understood what made them “classic” or,  at least, educational. This one, though. No. Just no.

I read it well before I had a handle on all the feminist things that always influenced my reading preferences. I hate both female characters in this book and the males didn’t make up for anything. Then the twist ending was so disappointing I just can’t even. There’s no redemption for this story, no understanidng.

Global warming disaster: Where a sudden disaster while in a library makes it necessary to burn books, like in The Day After Tomorrow.

Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul - John Eldredge  Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul – John Eldredge

I read  this because it had been recommended to my husband and I was looking for a book about men to read for my prior blog, Create Parity. I hated almost every minute of it. I can get behind having a wild heart and needing nature, but no, I don’t think all men need that. I’ve known some that are perfectly happy socializing via video games for the most part. This is also a Christian book and he may not mean to condescend to women about our “gentleness” and other such nonsense that is more put upon the whole group than natural, in my opinion. There’s no great way to know because you can’t subject children to certain upbringings that are irreversible if they have negative effects. I just have a wilder heart than my own brother and I’m not the only girl I know that can say that. I also don’t like to be adored, as he apparently thinks all women desire to be. It’s just ick all the way through.

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