As I enhance my education…..

Inspired by A Raisin in the Sun and America’s Women, I’ve added two new shelves. They are “Totally Appropriate for American History classes” and “Totally Appropriate for American Literature classes“.

I had a full on rant typed up but I had disgressed within it from simply wanting to point out other books that could have been included in those subjects of my education to how inferior having history months are to simply integrating the experiences of all Americans into our history classes. It allows the thought image that white men produced most of history while other cultures had one or two significant contributions to endure.

Do you know of any books that are great for improving  American history or literature classes? Well, mine will be in the new shelves.

For those of you who aren’t American, do you have books in your own country that you would have loved to have included in these subjects?

My lists are small for now, but they’ll grow.

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