Femme Friday – Lists of women

I came upon the first list quite accidentally and then a went a little crazy. Ever wonder how many or what the names were of women who write, what they write, when they wrote, or to have the women who do write broken down into lists of their heritages?

Like I said, I went a little crazy. I was actually looking something up about the author Toni Morrison and noticed the lists she was a part of on the page and those sent me to other lists and then it was just all crazy. Here’s what I found!

Women writers by format

Women children’s writers

20th Century Women writers

21st Century Women writers

Postmodern Feminists

African American Feminists

Nobel Laureates in Literature

American Nobel Laureates

Women Nobel Laureates

American feminist writers

American women novelists

Yeah, I went a little down the rabbit hole and then remembered I had stuff to finish. It was sad. I wanted to look intensely at each list and find books from EVERYONE and ….I just did it again. Anyway, there are far more books in the world and more writers producing more everyday than there is time left in lifetime to read them all, even if I did nothing else. The thought makes me a little sad. Nonetheless, these lists may help to narrow things down in future endeavors…. like a feminist reading challenge next year!

I’d been kicking around the idea for a while but it’s a little early for all that. I will finish Read Harder and Reading Women of Color before anything else. In the mean time, if any of you are looking for some interesting women to read, here are lists of them!

Note: I know other countries are likely to have their own lists of women writers and such, but I really did have to pull myself out of the list craze before I did nothing else for the rest of the day. One list led me to the next, so I’m sure you can find what you’re looking for!


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