The Happenings – July

It’s been a fairly busy month. I got lots of reading and lots of blogging done. I did a few more Top Ten Tuesdays and less Femme Fridays than normal. I still don’t plan on holding myself to a schedule and participate as I am able instead. It keeps me from being as crazy as I can get.

What I’m reading:

Alienated - Melissa Landers,Madeleine Lambert

This is the one I’m listening to. It’s fun so far. The narrator/reader is Madeleine Lambert. She does a good job but her voice is a little harsh for me.

The book itself is told from the dual perspectives of students going through an exchange program between two planets. I’m only about half way through and should finish soon, but the events are unfolding in a fairly realistic manner. I look forward to finishing it and listening to the rest of the series.
Silk Vol. 1: Sinister - Robbie Thompson,Stacey Covington-Lee

I do love this character. This one has been on my “currently reading” list for a longer than it should have been. It is a graphic novel, instead of just one issue, so it’s combined issues #1-6.

I’m enjoying the comic, and the kindle version is easy to read even on my phone because I can zoom into the frames, but I had gotten really engrossed in Paper  Towns and neglected it. Gonna finish soon!

This had been hanging out in my Kindle app for a while. I believe it had been my May Kindle First pick and then I totally failed at reading prior to the release and getting a review done. Of course, my failure doesn’t seem to have effected it much. It’s getting a pretty solid 4 star rating on Amazon and has over 400 reviews there and three times that at Goodreads. Nevertheless, it’s interesting so far and I just love the premise. I have a soft spot for any situation involving two people, whether friends or lovers, who have to deal with opposing sides of conflict.

Women of the Revolution: Forty Years of Feminism - Kira Cochrane

Yeah, that had to be done. This was another one that had been sitting in my Kindle app a while. Normally I get books from the library, but if it’s under $5, I’ll usually just pick it up rather than wait. Anyway, this is not the first book I’ve read by this author, and it’s not really “by” her. It’s an anthology of news and such that follow the women’s liberation movement into the third and fourth waves of feminism.

I decided to approach this one like the Bible posts, since I will have to go back and get a grasp of the context of each article separately, as opposed to the way a unified non-fiction reads. It’s just didn’t look cohesive enough for a straight read, if that makes sense.

Read This Month




Bible Project

I finished First Samuel and managed to get all the way through Second Samuel as well. I had started to feel pretty behind, but things turned out all right. I’m still about a book behind my original posting goal of one book per month (I should be finishing 1 Kings this month) but I hope to catch up soon. I’ll catch up just in time to fall desperately behind in Psalms and Proverbs next year. Still, I hope the changing sizes of the books still serve to finish the project in 66 months (as there are 66 books in my Bible).

Femme Fridays

Before the Book Gets to Me Part 4 – Illustrators

Debasmita Dasgupta

Some thoughts on Narrators

Reading Challenges

Read Harder

  • The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making – a middle grade novel
  • A Raisin  in the Sun – a play

Year of Reading Women of Color

  • The Pearl That Broke Its Shell
  • Black Girl Dreaming
  • A Raisin  in the Sun

I’m pretty please with my progress on these challenges. I’ve been reading a lot and haven’t gotten that trudge feeling from going back and reading the books that I had lined out in the beginning of the year for Read Harder. I’m down to three books left for Read Harder! Reading Women of Color feels more challenging than it actually is. Really I need to up the number on that. I signed up for a paltry 20 because I hadn’t read a lot of women of color prior to doing the challenge and didn’t want to set myself up for failure, like I did with my Goodreads challenge.

Sadly, I’ve had to change my Goodreads challenge from 200 books to 150. I figured that having comics in there would help me along a bit, but not enough. I didn’t really get into a good rhythm with my reading and blogging until May, which was far too late in the year to get it done. But even then, it probably was a pipe dream. I’d have to read/listen to 17 books/comics per month since the beginning of the year but I’ve only just now done the math. It would take 26 books from now until December to catch back up. 150 will still take some doing, but I have my rhythm now. Okay, it’s only about 12 books a month, and I’ll have to work on that for next year. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just plan for 150 next year. Or 175….. it has to be challenging to be a challenge,  right?

I’ve also been wanting to do a “reading around the world” challenge for some time. I know I can’t do it in one year, like the blog that I heard about it from, but I think I can do it. The problem is that the question then becomes: How?

Not just how to get my hands on books from all over the world, but how to decide what books to do. If you’ve ever done the Diverse Books Tag, you know that finding books in certain categories get harder and harder as you go. Plus, what constitutes the differences between a country and a territory? Should I do fiction, non-fiction, just memoirs??????

And so it goes. Goodreads, as usual, has some pretty decent lists to help get me on my way when I do decide, but I’m not there yet. Around the world in fiction settings would be easiest, I think, but not as meaningful as maybe memoir and human rights non-fiction around the world. Then again, if I have the blog for a long time (as it will take at least 5 YEARS to finish my Bible reading at this rate), then I have time to circle the world more than once in more than one way. Yeah, let’s ease up and go with that.

Memoir and human rights non-fiction it is! I may have gone ahead and started a shelf for it, tentatively and with fear of not finding near enough.

I combined them because maybe not everyone has a memoir, but, surely, there is another book about human rights in the area that could cover it. Of course, I’ll also be focusing on women writers. I would hope that challenges like this would help to boost the book industry in other parts of the world and translation if more of us get in on it. Has anyone else read around  the world ( or plan to)? 

Life and feminism

I need to get back to a place in my life when I can write with some consistency and some frequency. It was there for a fleeting second. But I can’t keep up with feminism and reading and not want to blog about it and I can’t write while neglecting those things and I must pay the bills somehow in the mean time and so hear we are.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I want to be writer too. I am a writer, in the sense that I actually do write, whenever I can, like this blog post. But I want to be a published author. I’m freshly in the second act of a story and while I know I have deficiencies in description and therefore word count, I’m working my way through the story before doing the massive amounts of editing that everyone says happens anyway. I have been stuck for like a year, writing and rewriting the beginning of act two because none of it goes anywhere yet. I got my protagonist up in a tree and now I’m not sure what they’re supposed to do to get back down. So, that’s life.

As for feminism and me this month, not much new to report that isn’t already written further up and or in a post that I wrote recently. I had begun yesterday’s post in this section of this post but ended up ranting so long and hard that it deserved it’s own space by the end of it. I hope you agree. Maybe I’ll even get my MA and teach my own college American Lit classes. Not high school, though. Love the kids, hate the schedule. I want to give up the 7 am to whatever life one day. College is definitely better for that. Maybe even online classes…. or maybe I’ll get my act together and write my books. Yep, that’s the one I’m striving for.

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