Silk Vol 1: Sinister


Silk Vol. 1: Sinister - Robbie Thompson, Stacey Covington-LeeHave I told you yet how much I love this character?

Okay, I’m pretty sure that happened back when I reviewed Silk Vol 0. She’s adorable and figuring out the superhero thing. She’s also figuring out the whole people thing. After having been locked away for ten years, people and some technology take a little time.

As far as story goes, this one picks up a little after Vol 0 left off. It helps to know what happened in the last volume, but it would not distract from the story to come in here. All the necessary backstory is right in the volume. I love that this story continues to showcase more Marvel women. There are appearances by Black Cat, Mockingbird, and Spider-Woman. I wasn’t a big comic reader as a child, and even those that I did read were never Spider-Man, so I wasn’t familiar with any of these characters. I enjoyed getting to know them. It’s a great story, different from the typical I-have-powers-and-must-beat-things-with-my-fists-now story.

Silk is a great superhero, definitely a recommendation to anyone into who is into superheroes, and especially those who enjoy diverse ones!


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