Femme Friday – Women in Translation TBR

Note: This post has been edited to include links to reviews that were later written about them.

Okay, so I have the month fairly stacked with women in translation. I didn’t pick any non-fiction and I’ll just have to catch up on that down the road. These are all fiction books that were translated into English from various languages and take place in various countries. I’ll definitely read/listen to them all soon but I’m not sure if I’ll be successful in doing it before the end of the month! Wish me luck!

About the Night is the one that I’ve been reading for a few weeks. I should be able to finish it this weekend and post a review by the end of the week. It’s one of the rare love stories that I’ve really fallen in love with. (my review)The Whispering City - Sara Moliner,Mara Faye Lethem

Whispering City is my next audiobook. I have been on a bit of a waiting list for it but it popped up a few days later and I have it downloaded. I’ve been roadtripping through the North East of the US with my family and haven’t quite gotten a chance to start listening to it, but I should get the chance on Monday at the latest. (my review)

The other “print” books are:

Pierced by the Sun - Jordi Castells,Laura EsquivelThis Place Holds No Fear - Monika Held,Anne Posten

 Shuttered Life - Florentine Roth,Jennifer Marquart






Pierced by the Sun (which I didn’t finish because of my own triggers) and Shuttered Life (my review) were cheap enough to just buy on Kindle but This Place Holds No Fear and Morning Sea (my review) were available on Scribd.

And then I have this other audiobook that was also available from Scribd:
When the Doves Disappeared: A novel - Sofi Oksanen,Lola Rogers

I do plan on looking up some more audiobooks for this theme. I had felt a little overwhelmed when I first started because I had a bunch of others to listen to, but it occured to me that they can wait until September, even if it does put me back on a waiting list for them. I’d been waiting for Women in Translation to come along and I can’t waste it. (But it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy women in translation during other months!)

So, are you participating in WIT Month? If so, add a like to you TBR and/or reviews in the comments!

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