Monstress #4-6 by Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda


Monstress #6 - Sana Takeda, Marjorie M. Liu MONSTRESS, No. 5 - Sana Takeda, Marjorie M. Liu Monstress #4 (Mr) Comic Book - Marjorie M. Liu

 As always, the art in these are just amazing. It’s not overly-stylized. I feel like it’s not really stylized at all, but just depicts people as they look. The characters are beautiful, but I feel like it’s part of their world that the women in these high power positions have the means to make themselves gorgeous because they are the only ones, aside from the main character, who doesn’t have political power, so much as something else inside her. Well, they’re beautiful until they’re scarred for life somehow. If you’ve been reading the series, you’ve seen some crazy stuff go down.

I love the way the story is evolving, the mystery around Constantine is getting more intense and we get a peak at it and at what this strange multi-eyed thing is. I also appreciated that we are getting a little more of the background to the world. The world building in this is just amazing.

While every character is interesting, I can’t help but love the little fox girl. I already have the next issue pre-ordered but it won’t be out until October!


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