Femme Friday -Can we increase the number of women in translation?

While there is not a definitive answer to give a question such as this, I don’t think the cause is lost. The overall percentage of books in translation needs to go up, but if we bring the total number of women’s books to the existing total number of men’s books, that’ll do that too. Then we can work both together!

Okay, theoretically we can work on both together now, but this is Femme Friday on a feminist blog, so we’re going to do that and then we’re going to take a minute to talk about  the ladies.

I’ve found some other sites that take time to focus on translations. One such is Free Word, which has several themes in their posts, one of which is translation here.  There’s a whole lot of information on their site and they do events to highlight the power of translation. They even do a project called Wanderlust that has podcasts highlighting books from around the world in translation. Check out their podcasts here!

Also, check them their August post for Translators in Residence here, which is a discussion of an anthology titled Words from Here to There, which is published in two languages, English and Spanish. It also provides a pdf copy of the book.

Another site that has a section devoted to translation is LEAP+. This is a magazine for Asia Pacific writers and translators. Their translation section has a little bit of a lot of things. I loved it!

To get to the femme-focus of today’s post, here are some other blogs that are attempting to bring more attention to women in translation by participating in WIT Month 2016!

Deep Vellum is a publishing house in Dallas, Tx that is participating by having some WIT events this month. The entire focus of their organization is exchanging ideas through translation.

A Year of Reading the World is another blogger who is participating. I love this blog and have followed it for a little while now. I keep thinking I should attempt to read the world too but it’s so intimidating.

Pen America is participating. They have lots of information, including a list of other initiative inspired by WIT Month.

Two Lines Press has a number of posts so far on WIT, including suggested reading.

On Tumblr, there’s even a Women in Translation blog, which always has this focus, but also has some posts about the theme for this month.

If these aren’t enough, check out the many posts and reviews with #WITMonth on Twitter.

Did you decide to participate? What book are you reading for WITMonth?

A happy side note, I did get my local library to purchase a new woman in translation and I have it checked out and waiting for me to finish The Whispering City. Here’s the title: The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness

There is an argument somewhere in one of those sites that the best way to increase translation of women is for these translations to win more awards, but I’m not really sure how the layperson can help out with that. The best that I can do is reading women in translation and recommend them to others and help grow the market. So let’s do that! If you missed my TBR for the month, you can find it here.

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