Top Ten Tuesday: Shows based on book and comic characters

In honor of Fall TV, this TTT is about shows based on books and comic characters! Well, it’s officially a Fall TV freebie, but this is what I chose.

Note:The show titles are linked to their TV guide pages, book titles/character names are linked to the book or comic issue that they are based on at Amazon, seasons are also linked to Amazon.

Supergirl – Supergirl: Rebirth (2016) 1 – I am totally in love with this show. I had never been a Supergirl fan before, but this is great. Catch up on Season 1!

Gotham  – using Batman characters – I find this show pretty fun. It brings back good memories of the old Batman Animated series for me. I LOVED watching it when I was a kid. This isn’t as good, but it’s reminiscent enough for me. Check out Season 1. There is also a series of comics that does focus on Gotham Central, but it’s post-Batman and this series is pre-Batman. It also has an adorable teenage version of my favorite book couple.

The Vampire Diaries – inspired by Vampire Diaries Books. I do not recommend reading the books, which the series deviates from pretty quickly. The books are set in the 90’s and are distinctly YA as opposed to the series which can be enjoyed by a wider range of viewers. The two series hardly go together, they use most of the same characters but not even in the same way. The show is SO GOOD. It’s been one of my favorites since it started. They will be starting their last season this fall, but start from the beginning here.

Game of Thrones – inspired by A Game of Thrones series. I know, this isn’t Fall TV, but it’s AMAZING and one of those shows mark this time in TV history. It’s one of the bigger shows on TV and one that I LOVE. Every season is available on Amazon, start here.

Penny Dreadful –  inspired by penny dreadfuls, Victorian era serial literature that sold for a penny. The show fits well into the horror genre, so while I watched a bit, I didn’t stick around long. It’s well done and the cinematography was great but it weird and had a tendency to break my heart for all the wrong characters. I had to give it up, but it’s definitely worth a try. Check out the pilot here.
Once Upon a Time – inspired by every fairy tale ever and a lot of other literature too. The show revolves around Snow White, who was not a character I appreciated prior to this. They take the fairy tale characters and give them better dimension, give them some depth. Anyone can do good things and anyone can do bad things and everyone has baggage. Then they mix them all up and some heroes turn to villains and some villains turn to heroes. There has been an off story line or two, but some episodes are just genius. The Evil Queen, aka Regina, is magnificent.

Fresh off the Boat – inspired by Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir. I’ve only seen a few episodes, but it’s genius. I love the mom. She’s got all the best lines so far and her parenting style reminds me of Red Foreman who had been my favorite TV parent. Check out the pilot here.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.– characters are based on Marvel characters, which several coming directly out of the comics. I’ve been watching this one since it came out and kept up with it. Check out the Pilot

Daredevil – inspired by the Marvel character featured here. I wasn’t the biggest of Daredevil fans and then there was this. Netflix has done some great things with this character and where he fits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jessica Jones – inspired by the Marvel character featured in this comic. I had never heard of Jessica Jones before the show came out but I love her. I remember a whole bunch of articles coming out when the show did pitting it against Supergirl, and a magnificent one that pointed out how ridiculous it was to do that and how great it was to have both narratives on the air together. This show was far better than I thought was possible and I love the actress that portrays the lead character, Krysten Ritter.


Okay, so I managed to get through talking about all those shows without gushing about how hot so many of the characters are. But seriously, Vampire Diaries, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Daredevil have some crazy hot guys in them. Crazy.

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The shows are linked to their TV guide pages and the books are linked to Amazon.

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