Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m glad I listened to

Okay, so I love books in general, but sometimes a book being read to you adds a certain something to it. It’s not just that you got to conveniently listen to it, but that it added a certain something or gave it some extra context. These are my top ten books I’m glad I listened to instead of read.

Of course I loved this, it’s a feminist classic. But that was all I ever heard about it and I had completely different ideas about what it was going to be about. Maggie Gyllenhaal was absolutely perfect for the narrator. She brought something to it that I just can’t describe. Her voice just matched the character so well. full review


This book was so sad and touching. This is one of the books that I was grateful to have a narrator for. I would have butchered the names and I’m not sure I would have gotten some of the more haunting aspects that really moved me when Emily Woo Zeller performed them. She is an amazing narrator. full review


I love it when an author reads the book, but I find it especially wonderful when it is a personal work of non-fiction, as this one is. I feel like I got to know Nadia Bolz-Weber as I listened to it and that’s always a great experience. full review



The Yellow Wallpaper - Charlotte Perkins Gilman,Jo Myddleton,Matrix Digital PublishingWhen a character is going crazy, it’s definitely easier to listen to. I’m otherwise going back to make sure I read things right. When it’s performed, you know something eerie is happening and I enjoy that. full review


Euphoria: A Novel - Inc. Blackstone Audio, Inc.,Lily King,Xe Sands,Simon Vance

Another case where there performance was so great, I’m not sure the experience would have been as satisfying. I’m sure I still would have enjoyed the book because it was beautifully written, but it was also beautifully performed and I think that really put it over the top for me. full review


Etiquette & Espionage  - Gail Carriger,Moira QuirkWhile several of the other books also benefited from the narrators accents and ability to properly pronounce colloquialisms (as will some below), this one stood out in my mind for it too. I would have gotten stuck on “trifle” and wasted too much time trying to figure out what it was before moving on and realizing that it would come out in context. It’s silly, but it’s me. full review

Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter - Carmen Aguirre


Again, the author narrates and so it’s more like getting to know them. full review


Rising Strong - Deutschland Random House Audio,Brené Brown,Brené BrownAuthor narrated and full of great bits of information. When reading about the horror that vulnerability and can be and getting the talk it’s completely necessary, it was nice to hear the vulnerability in the voice of the author. It lends authority to her point that even she is stepping out into vulnerability in order to get to that success. full review


Girl in Translation - Jean Kwok,Grayce Wey,Penguin AudioSo, it was one thing to have the accent for Etiquette and Espionage above, but this one went to an entirely different level. I have a suspicion that it’s due more to the writing than the narrator, but which is responsible for the thickness of the accents was great. The best part of the reading of it was that the accent softened throughout the book and I thought it was a genius touch, something that would be harder to get in just reading it.  full review

Dangerous Women - George R. R. Martin,Gardner Dozois,Scott Brick,Jonathan Frakes,Janis Ian,Stana Katic,Lee Meriwether,Emily Rankin,Harriet Walter,Jake Weber,Random House Audio

I’m still in this one but it’s different to have so many narrators to go with so many authors. I’m enjoying that aspect of it in addition to the stories themselves. I’ll be posting a full review when I’m done with it. For now get it at Amazon at this link: Dangerous Women


Honorable mention: Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins! This audiobook is so good and the narrators helped the confusion and to really give each character her own voice.

Those are my top ten audiobooks! Check out the rest of the Broke and Bookish’s TTT Audio Freebie!


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