FF: Good Girls do revolt too

I was debating on what to post for this week’s Femme Friday and then I saw that Amazon FINALLY made the rest of the first season for The Good Girls Revolt! I watched the pilot last year during their Pilot season and absolutely LOVED it and then I never saw anything about them choosing to continue with it. I had high hopes at first because it got amazing reviews but then somehow missed that they picked it up for so long that my hopes had disappeared and then I saw the advertisement for it today on Twitter.

Right after watching the pilot, I went ahead and read the book, which had been in my TBR pile for a while. Here’s my review of the book: The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace by Lynn Povich. The book is a non-fiction account of the actual events of the Newsweek lawsuit. While the series is based on it, I’d expect them to deviate some here or there, as they already had in the pilot episode.

While I’m sure that there is likely to be some objectionable material in it, I definitely recommend giving it a shot AND reading the book of the real story behind it.

In the book, Povich spends some time explaining what made it a “good girls” revolt. I hope this is covered in the show, but I want to spend a minute on that idea. So many people think of feminism as a bad thing and feminists as crazy or hateful, that’s its hard to think of any of them simply as good girls revolting. If you are in  revolt, you must be one of the crazies or hate us or something. But no.

We were the polite, perfectionist “good girls,” who never showed our drive or our desires around men.

These women, like so many who are good or not, are not trying to overthrow the government or create anarchy. They just wanted opportunities. Why is that so much to ask for? I suppose some of it comes from that every time new opportunities become old hat, we insist on reaching further. The current situation in the US makes it clearer all the time.

While I have no particular taste for either candidate in this year’s US elections on a personal level, I do recognize the change that Clinton represents. Like it or not, she is a good girl in this way. She didn’t revolutionize the way the game is played, she just played it the way it was. As soons as there is a good girl candidate that did everything the boys have done for centuries, it’s no good. There’s an opposing candidate who insists that this whole system is just plain bad. Now, I’m not saying that I think everything is perfect, but the timing just appears particularly awful. Then, every time I hear things like “Make America Great Again” I have to wonder when we weren’t great and what the hell someone could be thinking when they say that. What’s not great?

We have issues, sure. Money problems seem to be on the rise, sure. But greatness? How is our level of greatness in danger? The level of greatness that this country had was always based on individual perception which is based on what side of control you’re on. For some or perhaps many, this was never a great country. For others, it apparently has been and somehow isn’t anymore. For me, things seem to be getting better all the time and though I’m not sure I would categorize this place as “great” it’s definitely “greater” than when I was a kid.

Coincidentally, it’s been at this time that I finally got a chance to read Asking For It and I’ve just started Men Explain Things to Me and I just can’t get over that infamous recording. I get what people say about it being a long time ago and on and on they go about other things about him. But I can’t help but wonder if this ability to control what happens to other people is a part of the greatness that is referred to. The whole “this is how guys talk” thing is just sickening and the idea that this is easily reversible and women talk like this all the time is equally bad. I get how most of it is just trashy guy talk and I’ve engaged with women this way as well, but it’s that one part that everyone is talking about the most  that makes it sickening. It’s not how he talks about the body parts of women but that he excuses himself for just grabbing them, whether they want him to or not. That’s sexual assault and now you’re promoting it, especially when you don’t express any remorse over doing so or any enlightenment that you were once wrong to do so. Now it’s about whether or not women “let you do it”. Recent reading, though, reminds me that it always was.

For the record, letting some man who is or is not a celebrity do something to your body is not inherently consent. It’s knowing that no one is going to help you out if he becomes irate and violent. It’s knowing that you’re on your own and trying to keep things at the level of least violence and control and assault as possible. We should not be forced to live in a world where an unwelcome kiss can quickly become rape, but that’s the world women live in and it’s this exact thing that makes it a problem and now we must debate whether it’s okay for him to run our entire country and a military that has been known to have exactly these problems between those in charge and their subordinates.

Getting back to the point, though, there have been lots of books about good girls having had enough. Good girls accept their lot in life and just try to work hard in it and be respectable within the confines of their “place” until something happens when they can’t. They have an awakening or something happens that makes them defy it or everything. Here’s are some other books about good girls revolting (books I’ve reviewed link to the review, those I haven’t link to their BookLikes book page).




Have you read any books about good girls in revolt? Have you seen the show?

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