Lumberjanes #25-28


Lumberjanes #25 - Leyh Kat,Shannon Watters,Laura Lewis,Chynna Clugston Flores,Brooke Allen  Lumberjanes #26 - Ayme Sotuyo,Leyh Kat,Shannon Watters  Lumberjanes #27 - Ayme Sotuyo,Leyh Kat,Shannon Watters  Lumberjanes #28 - Myra Hild,Leyh Kat,Shannon Waters

These issues bring the next storyline of Lumberjanes to us after their run in with the awesome mermaids. This time the girls must contend with a giant bird beast that has kidnapped the High Council. As always, they are amazing.

Things I Loved:

  • Did you ever wonder what happened to all the kittens that Ripley gave every person when she was a deity for five seconds back in #4? Well, be prepared to find out.
  • The girls’ problem solving skills, with every member of the team on it in some way.
  • Meeting some other members of the camp
  • The empathy of the girls
  • The adorable backup story in #25

I’d make a list of things I didn’t like, but there weren’t any. There rarely are. I especially loved the way they pseudo-defined what makes a “hard-core lady-type”.

As usual, these issues have some wonderful ladies:

Click on their names to get to their Wikipedia pages and learn more about them.

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