The Happenings – December 2016

December has been a little crazy, realizing that I almost never got around to reading my Kindle Firsts and trying to catch my 150 books for the Goodreads reading challenge. I managed the second one but have one more Kindle First to catch up on.

Currently Reading

Just one book right now, but only because I finished my audiobook on the way to visit family haven’t picked out a new one.

Burger's Daughter - Nadine Gordimer

So I wouldn’t call this book enjoyable to read, but it’s definitely interesting. I get why it was an important book and why it contributed to Gordimer’s Nobel. It was confusing at first because I didn’t know anything about it and the way it shifted from the third person POV and over to the main character’s first person POV. I wasn’t sure which character it was at first or who she was talking to during her POV parts. I did end up looking it up to figure it out.

Also, I’m sure that I’m not the only reader who has to get used to the way different parts of the world handle things like dialogue. She uses dashes instead of quotation marks and this isn’t the first book I’ve read to do that.

It’s worth reading, but I wouldn’t call it “enjoyable” either, much like the other Nobel Laureate in literature I read last month – The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing. But you get the Nobel for changing the world, not for making a light read, so I knew what I was getting into. It’s just been a little slow to get into and hard to get motivated about.

Read This Month



Nonfiction – sadly no nonfiction this month, mostly because of the Kindle Firsts and a few library holds that came in right then.

Bible reading

I did manage to finish 2 Chronicles this month, just under the wire and even with family visits and craziness. The next few books will be some single posts as they are under shorter books that mostly tell a single main story, from what I understand about them. We’ll see but I’m hoping to be in Job by February!

Reading Challenges

Read Harder – Created my 2017 list! See it here.

Litsy A to Z – Created my 2017 list! See it here.

Nobel Women – I didn’t finish any of these this month but my current read is one of them!


Life and Feminism

I started off the month realizing that I am the worst. I have been getting Kindle First books ALL YEAR and hadn’t been reading or reviewing them. To be fair, I did review one in July, one last month, and attempted another one of them in September. Not the September one. That one I just couldn’t. It was the one that was for June and I had upgraded the audio because it seems like they all get the audio upgrade for $1.99 a month or so later, and so I was listening to it and it was about one of those subjects that  I just don’t read about. Specifically, dead children, especially babies. It doesn’t matter how they died. I have to be pretty invested in a story already to get past that once I find it. It doesn’t anger me and I get how it’s a part of life that sometimes children die and for no reason, but I just can’t read about it, not when it’s the center of something going on. I can get it as a little background and motivation for something like in The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins but not when it seems center stage for the story for more than like two pages. Too emotional. Too traumatizing. I can’t. But what about the others?

Absolutely no excuse. I’m just the worst.

But I did catch up to this month! I did not read the December Kindle First in December because I had gotten a long awaited hold (Burger’s Daughter) just as I was finishing Nirzona and the December book doesn’t have an audio upgrade yet. I will read it next, providing no other holds come through. So my initial January TBR of not-audiobooks because I gone through my backlog on anything with the upgrade available are: Hope in the DarkGoing Through the Change, and the December Kindle First The Original Dream.

I joined Litsy’s Social Justice Book Club, who are also reading Hope in the Dark and I really hope I’ll get to finish it in time for their discussions but I must finish Burger’s Daughter first. I also have some others that I’m excited to read and we’ll see how it all goes during the next year. I did manage to power through some audiobooks and some comics with a little extra alone time and a long drive to the family. That said, I have 2 audiobooks and 3 graphic novels to review that were finished this year but will show up next month instead.

I hope everyone had nice holiday’s, whichever kind you celebrate or just a nice month if you don’t have a holiday!

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