2016 Wrap-Up and some bookish resolutions

aviary-image-1483497554629.png2016 ended up being a pretty good reading year for me! I had felt so behind the times when I started the blog because I hadn’t been reading much other than for my profession for far, far too long. There was a part of my that wanted to try to read every book on every list just to feel a smidgen caught up, but that wasn’t reasonable and the rest of me knew it. I do at least feel a little better that I have read about half the books on most of the “feminist” lists I’ve seen and though I still spend most of TTT filling up my TBR, there are a fair amount of books that I have read on them too.

Not caught up, but not feeling like I’m still sitting at the starting line, you know what I mean?

Besides feeling a smidgen caught up in my reading life, the other great thing to happen last year was finding Litsy! I’m @StoredFeminism and loving this little app so much. I tend to gush a little (okay, a lot) about the books I read and it may have been driving my husband absolutely bonkers that I spent most of my time talking to him about books he has no interest in reading. Not a big reader that one, but I’m working on him and my future little reader that currently embodies the six year old still learning how to read. He’s so close, that six year old. Just a little push at the right time and he’ll be a reader too I just know it! ANYWAY, the point is that Litsy is awesome and if you love books and reading, you should check it out if you haven’t yet and if you decide to stay, let me know in the comments what your handle is and I’ll follow you.

It’s also helped me find a bunch of new bloggers that I adore and a few more book clubs. I did learn last year that I am notoriously horrible at keeping up with book clubs, but I adore them anyway. Maybe one day I’ll be organized enough to read the appropriate books at the appropriate times to keep up with a book club and build that kind of community around me but until then, I’ll stick to the crazy world of Litsy where quotes, blurbs, reviews, and general reading life sharing abounds!

My bookish resolutions for this year are:

  • Finish all my reading challenges (Read Harder, Litsy A to Z, and Goodreads)
  • Read more Women of Color and Women in Translation – particularly from South Ameria and Indigenous peoples because I really lacked books by them last year
  • Have the first draft of my own novel written

And finally, some bloggish resolutions:

  • Do more tags! I love the tags but had so many reviews going on last year that I could hardly keep up unless there was a significant lull at work or something
  • Be more consistent with Femme Friday and Top Ten Tuesday. I love these weekly memes but sometimes things got a little hectic and sometimes I just didn’t have books to put in them. Still, I strive to be better about it.
  • Blog hop more and keep track of the bloggers I follow on Twitter. I am really bad at this and have a tendency to ignore those I follow for weeks and  then spend a whole day binging on everything they’ve posted since the last time I checked in on them. It’s really not the way to run a blog and hope to improve.
  • Catch up on my Bible posts and hopefully not fall hopelessly behind again when I get to Psalms. There are over 150 psalms and I have a feeling that’s going to set me way back again, but I’m determined to finish and make my own assessment of just how misogynistic the Bible is or isn’t.

See, the bookish resolutions and bloggish ones work together because dramatically cutting down on the Goodreads goal (cutting from 150 to 100) will give me more time for everything else!

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe life will become more hectic too, but we shall see. For now, goals are always a good thing!

How did your 2016 go? What are your plans for 2017?

3 thoughts on “2016 Wrap-Up and some bookish resolutions

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  1. My older boy will be six in three months! He’s reading some but reluctant to read on his own. My younger boy is 3.5 and he’s so eager to try reading but well, not quite ready for it yet!

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  2. Love your goals for this year. I’ve made a TBR list but not sure if I want to go by a list I make today and randomly pick up a new book tomorrow ☺️ so I don’t have my reading goal locked in yet. But I do plan to get on that listy wagon (soon) and attempt to be more blog active and do some hopping around this year😊. Great wrap up post!

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