Lumberjanes #29-32 Diane is back!


Lumberjanes #29 - Leyh Kat,Carey Pietsch,Shannon Watters           Lumberjanes #30 - Leyh Kat,Carey Pietsch,Shannon Watters     Product DetailsProduct Details

Here we have the next story line for the Lumberjanes series and we get to catch up with the Greek gods in this one!!

Diane is back and with a quest that the girls have no choice but to get in the way of. I’m not going to add the synopsis of each comic so I don’t spoil things from one issue to the next but these tell a cohesive story that continue the involvement of the Greek gods past the first story line of the series. It also brings in some of the other characters of Greek mythology in their typically Lumberjane way.

I will never tire of this series.

As always, they use the names of some awesome women as exclamations, April says both in this set, first exclaiming “Holy Nakano Takeko” in #30 and then “Sweet Mary Shelley” in #32. Be sure to check out their stories at the links because both are hardcore lady-types.

I know, I know, this isn’t my most in depth review, but not much more to say than what I have already in previous posts about just how much of my heart these girls have. There’s great representation here, the girls work together, their differences make them stronger, and they aren’t all perfect at everything. They each work at what they know and grow in what they don’t and sometimes the best lines comes from the strangest places. I think Molly has the best moment of this set.

I can’t wait to read the next adventure these girls go on!

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