The Miranda Sings Award

I have been nominated for The Miranda Sings Award by Vicky at Books and Strips! Thank you!



(1) Announce your win with a post, and link the blogger who nominated you.
(2) Include the featured image on your blog post.
(3) Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.
(4) List seven (7) things you love about yourself. (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)
(5) Don’t use negative connotation (i.e. Don’t say things like – “I’m prettier than an average person.” or “People have told me I’m smart.” You are pretty. You are smart.)


  1. I can be a bit of an adventurer. I love to do things I’ve never done before or that seem outlandish to other people. It’s landed me in some pretty awesome spots. This tendency has been transmitted to my kid, which is especially great because I always heard kids slow you down and that has not been the case for us.
  2. I found my food soul-mate. I’m not a big believer in the whole soul-mate thing, but my husband and I have this uncanny knack for wanting the same food at the same time and being generally the same amount of hungry. This may not seem like a big deal to some and it wouldn’t have been a deal breaker but it’s so amazing, as someone who loves food as much as I do, to be with someone with a similar appreciation for it all. It may not sound like something about myself either, but it took admitting how often I’m hungry and all the crazy things I like to eat to him and some of them can be embarrassing.
  3. I like that I’ve become a bit of a yogi and an avid reader. I’ve fully embraced my hobbies, which is something I never thought I do.
  4. I love my job. Not everyone gets to go to work somewhere they love and to do something they enjoy, though these two things aren’t always simultaneous in my workplace either. I tend to not want to divulge my actual workplace, and I get rotated around a lot, moving often and to do relatively different things in entirely different environments, so I wouldn’t expect anyone to keep up with it. Still, I generally get to work at a place that I believe in, that tends to appreciate me and usually with people I adore. I look forward to finishing up this part of my life and chasing my dream of being a full-time writer, but I still really love what I do right now and the absolutely beautiful ways that my work environment is changing. I never settled for something I didn’t want.
  5. I  won’t settle for something I don’t want. I know, I literally just that said that but it occured to me that I love that about myself in ways that pertain to more than just my job. I’m not picky in that the female lead of a rom-com is at the beginning, but I know what I don’t want and I don’t deal with it.
  6. I’m diligent. I’ve been known for my diligence for a while. It’s one of the things I get teased about at work because it makes me a favorite for hard-ass bosses. I’ll work on it until I get it. I’ll keep working on the next thing afterward. That particular trait also keeps me blogging and active in the things I enjoy doing just for me and with my family as well. Everything that’s worth having takes a little work, so I end up with a lot of things worth having because I’m not even a little intimidated by the work of what I want. I can be a little intimidating for those around me at first. Still, I find that it’s one of my favorite things about myself. I used to get this worry about burning out and giving up, but I learned when to takes breaks and my hubby is a bit of a back up for when I miss that I need a break.
  7. I’m a feminist, which is still hard to say sometimes because of all the negative connotations that people have with it still, but it’s true.

Okay, it took me like three weeks to come up with seven things I love about myself, which sounds ridiculous, I know. Usually when I think of things I love, it’s things I love about my life, which isn’t exactly the same thing, so I was a little stumped at first, but I persevered.

Normally, this is the point where I would tag others, but this was hard enough on me that I don’t think I’ll do that today. I really appreciated being tagged, even though it took a little work, so thank you again to Vicky at Books and Strips for tagging me!

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