Going Through the Change by Samantha


Going Through the Change - Samantha BryantThis was a ridiculous amount of fun! I knew older women can be awesome and funny (I totally watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix) but this adds superpowers!

Going through “the change” isn’t easy on any woman. Mood swings, hot flashes, hormonal imbalances, and itchy skin are par for the course. But for these four seemingly unrelated women, menopause brought changes none of them had ever anticipated—super-heroic changes.

Helen discovers a spark within that reignites her fire. Jessica finds that her mood is lighter, and so is her body. Patricia always had a tough hide, but now even bullets bounce off her. Linda doesn’t have trouble opening the pickle jar anymore… now that she’s a man.

When events throw the women together, they find out that they have more in common than they knew—one person has touched all their lives. The hunt for answers is on.

Altogether, its more fun than revolutionary, which is the main reason why the rating isn’t higher. There is a diverse group of characters, which I love, and the women are going through different things, which I also love. I adored the way that they ended up taking sides and I have to admit that Cindy’s aging problem sounds a like its only going to get to be more entertaining as the story progresses.

I  wasn’t a huge fan of the gender-bending, mostly because it went along with stronger than even a typical man strength and it seems not only redudant but counterproductive when looking at making women superheroes. I didn’t totally dismiss it though because it was handled with a lot of humor plus it provided the availability of moments where the difference in the ways people of different genders are exposed and discussed.

I  will definitely be reading more of the series, which is seriously called Menopausal Superheroes. The next one is out already, it’s Change of Life and promises to be just as much fun. Oh, and that cover. I bought the book for that alone. I just couldn’t pass it up. If you’re interested, click on the cover to be redirected to BookLikes for purchase options.

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