TTT: Top Ten Things I Want To Read More About

Broke and Bookish normally hosts Top Ten Tuesday, but they are on a brief hiatus. As with last week, I’m taking the opportunity to create my own list. In anticipation of International Women’s Day on the 8th, I chose to talk about the top ten issues that I’d like to read more about.

  1. Black feminism
  2. Suffrage of all kinds
  3. More women’s memoirs – women in science, women heads of state/government, women peacemakers, women from around the world
  4. Programs to educating girls around the world – something I’ve already read some about but I’d like to get into memoirs of women fighting this fight
  5. Birth control and women’s access to it worldwide
  6. What people are doing to help in maternal health, especially books with suggestions, such as Half the Sky
  7. Refugees of all countries
  8. Women’s representation in comics – there are some interesting books out there on this subject that I am determined to read one day
  9. The effects of colonialism and what can be done to combat neocolonialism
  10. The roles of women in all religions

There are lots of issues out there but it’s books on these subjects that have me instantly interested and yes, they are fairly wide subjects but so is my interest in them. What do you want to read more about?

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