FF: Women In Translation Month is Coming Up!

I haven’t done a Femme Friday in a while and I’m glad to get back on it with the reminder that WIT Month is coming!!! If you’re new around here, Femme Friday was begun by Vicky over at Books and Strips. The idea is to highlight some women and femmes, whether they are authors, publishers, running publishing companies, great characters or whatever you want. As both are book blogs, they are generally about femmes and books.

WIT Month, on the other hand, is put on by Biblibio and this post on it’s pending arrival even has a database of women authors and new books coming out since last WIT Month. I typically go to the Three Percent website where they have a complete list of books translated into English.

To recap the reasoning behind WITMonth (a longer explanation is available here), only 3% of the books sold in the US are translated from other languages and of that 3% only about 30% are written by women. So, in an effort to increase the demand for women authors being translated into English, a few bloggers dedicate the month of August to reading just Women In Translation.

Of course, this does not mean that we shouldn’t check them out during other parts of the year or not to read men in translation. Please do those things too but I like taking the time to boost awareness in the reading world of both the translation and translated women problems and so here we are.

Kindle First usually has at least one translated author every month, so I’m sure that helps. I noticed last year that about half my translated authors came from Kindle First. My Goodreads shelf for WIT is here. I also several WIT books I found on Scribd that I had read. This year I’ve already read two books by women that have been translated (both Kindle Firsts):


I read 6 books last year for WIT month, though I didn’t finish 2 of them until after the month was over. This year I want to up it but I’ve only been getting through around 8 books a month…..

So 8, then? I’ll try for all the books in August to be translated. But I’m sure a hold will drop at the most inopportune time. I’ll put out my WIT Month TBR in a few weeks!


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