FF: 3 Authors I Need to Binge

If you’re new around here, Femme Friday was begun by Vicky over at Books and Strips. The idea is to highlight some women and femmes, whether they are authors, publishers, running publishing companies, great characters or whatever you want. As both are book blogs, they are generally about femmes and books. I’m also prone to get into feminist and diversity topics on these Femme Fridays.

We’re a little half way through the year and there are some new to me authors that I’ve recently read and everyone else was raving about and I totally get why. They are amazing and I seriously just want to binge through all their works. Here they are!

Octavia E. Butler

I had been wanting to read Kindred for a while and put it on my Litsy A to Z list but caught Bloodchild and Other Stories on a Audible Prime Channel first. I reviewed them at the below links.

Parable of the Sower  is the next one on my list for her. I can’t get over that title.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I remember listening to her first TEDtalk and wanting then to read one of her books. She mentions being a writer and that people often commented that she couldn’t be writing about Africa because it was too modern, too far from the stereotypes they wanted it to be. I finally got into one of her books and it was this amazing collection of short stories:

Now I’m not sure which should come next Americanah or Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions . I know, it should be Americanah, maybe even Half of a Yellow Sun  which was so popular last year but how can I resist a Feminist Manifesto?

Arundhati Roy

Roy is another name that I had been seeing in reviews and Litsy posts like Butler but took me a while to fit one of her books into my reading. I finally put The God of Small Things on my Read Harder challenge for this year and am so glad I did.

I’m never sure if I should stay on the thread of reading her fiction and get The Algebra of Infinite Justice  next or if I should venture into nonfiction with Capitalism: A Ghost Story.


Perhaps a challenge for next year will be to pick an author and just binge through all of their writing……

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