Femme Friday: Superheroine update!

I wrote about superheroes about a year and a half ago here. Mostly, I went into some of my favorite comic book superheroines at the time but have since found some more favorites and some new women to check out.

Headliners I already love:

  • Spider-Woman – cancelled. I had found her during the 3 volume run when she had a baby and was being a mom and a superhero and then mentoring Silk and Spider-Gwen in a few issues in between. I’ve been putting off reading her last volume, which is after the Civil War II garbage of the second one, in order to postpone the realization that it’s over for now. She’s had a few runs over the lifetime of her characters, which spans decades, so maybe she’s not gone forever. I hope to see her in the A-Force, which I just bought this past weekend and haven’t dived into yet either. Reviews: Volume 1Volume 2Spider-Women
  • Ms. Marvel – she had me at burkini. I got way behind with Ms. Marvel too and then confused a few issues, but I bought the next few that I needed to read and will hopefully catch up soon. I also saw that she’s leading her own team now, Champions, which I also can’t wait to get into but want to find the natural break-off which I believe is post-Civil War II. As opposed to Spider-Woman, her issues are still going strong with volume 7 out and issues for what should be volume 8 compiling. Reviews: Volume 3
  • Silk – maybe also cancelled. She has a third volume coming out next month but her last issue was published in April and there should have been another one since then if the series was going to continue. As with Spider-Woman, the titles of the issues that have the year range also have the 2017 ending it, so I imagine that #19 will be the last and volume 3 will have #14-19 in it. All the same, she could still join a team or come back some other way. She was a new character, so we’ll have to see if she gets forgotten hereafter. Reviews: Volume 0Volume 1Volume 2
  • Thor – she also seems to be going strong. The series for Goddess of Thunder only lasted two volumes but she then transition to The Mighty Thor and is going strong with a new volume coming out next month and what looks to be two issues of another volume yet to be compiled already published. Reviews: Volume 1Volume 2

There have been others that I’ve read, but these are the heroines that I try to keep up with of the super type. I still love and adore the Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy and Princeless but we’re going to stay genre specific today. I do also like the new Ironheart, but I haven’t read enough to really say I love her yet. She does have one whole volume out already and another one slated for January.

Some new characters that I’ve been meaning to check out:

  • Ironheart – I did read her first two issues, and they are great but they were still such origin stories that I’m waiting to see what her comic looks like in a volume before making a decision. She could still end up with lame bad guys or something.
  • Jessica Jones – I watched the Netflix series and am in love with that iteration of her character, so I figured I’d give this one a shot too.
  • Hawkeye: Kate Bishop – I’m not one for a gender bend that doesn’t make sense but MCU Hawkeye and comic Hawkeye are distinctly different, as made obvious by Mockingbird, so this may be just the rejuvenation the title needs. It’s worked out pretty well for Thor. Either way, I’m intrigued.

Also, there are some ladies I’d love to see headlining their own series, no matter how short lived. Lady Blackhawk is still one of them. She deserves it. She’s a fun character that I’d love to see more of without having to fish through other comics to find her appearances. Also Quake or May. Their television personas are so great, wouldn’t it be worth having even a short run series for either??? The characters were also featured in the 50th Anniversary editions that gave Mockingbird her short run, and there was a ten issue series for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that I haven’t checked out yet, but seriously, I wish for a Quake and/or May stand alone series.

Who is your favorite superhero?

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