Bitch Planet Vol 2


Bitch Planet Volume 2: President Bitch - Kelly Sue DeConnickI can’t get over how good this series is. Just when I feel like I know where it’s going, something crazy knocks it all off course. In case you missed it, here’s my review of the first volume.

It’s hard to give a bit of a review and not really give anything away because most of what was great about the volume was what had been unexpected about it. The reader can easily see that things are not about to go well in the ways that they aren’t, but I wasn’t prepared for the moments that came as a surprise to the characters. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the world of this story and see how the not so distant future could come to such a complete reversal of progress for women. But I also can’t wait to see how this goes for everyone involved.

And, yes, I see how it can be taken wrong and seen as just a disgustingly self-satisfying version of feminism and women’s ability to perpetuate violence. I saw some pretty scathing reviews (though they were in the minority) that basically called it echo-chamber propaganda but I feel like they missed the point. I get why. I missed the point when I first read books like Great Expectations which are supposed to be so wonderful but really just makes it sound like all women are out to emotionally torture innocent men in the same way that this makes it look like all men just want subjugate women. Or, say, Lolita, which is equally disgusting when you don’t get the point.

So, it can be read as full-on feminist propaganda, or it could be read to think about how drastically women’s bodies are controlled by men in certain positions of power, how it’s subtle enough to not be obvious to everyone when they first see it but is glaring once pointed out. It can be read to show how sometimes the road to subjugation can be paved by what looks like progress.

There were some scenes that I loved for their wrongness, that are entertaining on paper but that I would be outraged by in life. I can easily see why some people might be grossly offended by the series and want to call it all manner of bad thing, but I would feel obligated to remind them that equality is not the same as utopia. There are two ways to achieve equality. We can have fewer oppressor-type men and more oppressor-type women until these two numbers equate, while should mathematically leave an about equal number of submissive types and that would make a state just as equal as an utopia. I feel like people forget that. So yeah, I’m not one of the radical or violent feminists, but I don’t think we all have to be inclusive, open-minded, and non-violent to achieve equality. We just need an equal number of those who aren’t as there are men who are violent and actively trying to oppress women too and it still achieves equality. That said, the Bitch Planet world needs a lot more aggressive and oppressor-type women to get there and they seem to be working on it. (or a lot less oppressor-type men, you’re call, guys)

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