Isaiah 28-35: Judgement, prayer, and recompense

This next set of chapters covers a few topics but are still oracles or prophecies of Isaiah. As I’ve mentioned in other posts about this book, the prophecies don’t make a lot of sense to me in when it comes to what they are predicting but I’ve been looking at the way they refer to women or feminine things as a way of looking at how they thought of women and in the case of chapter thirty two, what they thought women should be doing.

Chapter twenty eight is another judgement, this time on both Jerusalem and Ephraim for the first thirteen verses and then goes into a warning for Jerusalem that they’re going down the wrong path. There’s no specific mention of anything happening to women only nor is there reference to womanly things.

Chapter twenty nine begins with a call to “Ariel” that is supposed to mean “Jerusalem” according to the study section along with some other sites I googled. It foretells a siege that will take place and the way the people will not understand what is happening but that they could be returned to Him.

Chapter thirty begins with a message to not rely on Egypt, then goes on to call the people rebellious before assuring them that He will be gracious to them anyway.

Chapter thirty one is another warning about going to Egypt for deliverance from Assyria, reminding them that God can and will take care of it, but it will not be pleasant for those who didn’t believe in Him.

Chapter thirty two begins with a word about royalty and righteousness. I’m not quite sure if it’s a prophesy or wisdom but it makes good sense. The second half, though, is a warning to the “complacent” women.

It’s a call to the privileged and/or wealthy women to denounce and walk away from the injustices that are being done, to not stand idly by and allow whatever is happening to go on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get very specific about what it is they are standing against, just what they should do about it. Like with the other “oracles”, the circumstances or injustices they are rising against would be obvious to them, but isn’t recorded in conjunction with the oracle itself. Still, it’s telling that God wants these women to not just live in ignorance of how their wealth or privilege is accumulated but to mourn their involvement or dependence in whatever is happening. Even if they can’t change the way things are being done, these women can walk away from it.

But does that resolve them of responsibility at that point?

Chapter thirty three is a plea to God to take care of them and God’s affirming answer.

Chapter thirty four returns to the “judgements” like in the Isaiah apocalypse chapters. It includes “vengeance” against other nations and “recompence” for Israel.

Chapter thirty five is about the people returning to Israel. They are referred to as the “ransomed” but I’m pretty sure they mean those who were exiled.

Chapter links go to the ESV translations at but I’m reading from the ESV Global Study Bible, which is available for free on the Kindle Reading App.


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