Jeremiah 34-45: Taken into exile

I’m not going to pretend to  have a solid understanding of how the people were conquered and different waves were taken into exile between Israel and Judah and which king was succeeded to the throne or was placed or what. There’s a lot going on and some shifting around of narratives, as you’ll see in this set of chapters.

I’ve included a little of what was going on in each chapter but there’s nothing that really pertains to how the Bible treats women specifically. Some weeks I feel like I have a firm grasp of what’s going on and then in others, I’m just glad that they don’t mention the women apart from the men or try to shame them and no one is raped because I have no idea where the story is really at. One day I’ll get a handle on it, but I figure that will be sometime not on my first pass through any given chapter. Unfortunately, I know that part of my problem in some books is that they aren’t preached on much so this is the first time I’m reading some of this material at the end of the Old Testament.

Chapter thirty four is about people not doing what they said they were gonna do and God upset they lied to Him and punishing them.

Chapter thirty five: God spares a family that actually does listen to their father.

Chapter thirty six

I really get why it takes scholars to figure this book out. So this chapter takes place some time before chapter thirty four. It seemed odd that it would be talking about a different king and not have mentioned a succession plus knowing that the king from chapter thirty four is the last before the exile. Ugh.

Nevertheless, this chapter is mostly Jeremiah trying to warn a king of what’s to come and that they are all in dire trouble for their behavior and people attacking him for it.

Chapter thirty seven

This chapter returns to where we were in chapter thirty two when Zedekiah was king and worried about the Chaldeans coming and burning the city. The king and the people are again warned about what was to come and Jeremiah is removed to court of the guard, which had been where we found him in chapter thirty three after having been initially imprisoned in chapter thirty two. There had been no explanation in those about how he went from the prison to the court of the guard at the time, but here it is.

I get the books of the Bible representing different times and some overlapping like they have been, but why would one book skip around so much?

Chapter thirty eight

Jeremiah is put in and then rescued from a cistern, which is a pretty miserable place,  worse then prison. Zedekiah also hears out Jeremiah and promises to keep him safe so long as he doesn’t tell anyone what they talked about.

Chapter thirty nine

Everything that Jeremiah had been instructed by God to warn them about comes to pass.  There’s a mention in the tenth verse that the poor people were left behind and given land after the nobles had been killed.

Chapter forty

Jeremiah is ordered to be released given the choice of where to go.  He decides to stay in Jerusalem, seemingly under the care of newly appointed governor, Gedaliah.

Chapter forty one

There’s a coup against the governor. He is killed and all the people in that area are taken hostage but Johanan saves everyone. They’re thinking about going to Egypt, but understandably fearful.

Chapter forty two

After jeremiah had warned them so many times of how to avoid everything that had recently happened, the people that were left in Jerusalem went to him before deciding to go to Egypt and asked him to consult God for them.

God tells them He will protect them if they stay but they’ll all die if they leave. Jeremiah tells them all that and then ends with something akin to “so I guess you’re all going to die because why would I expect you to listen now?”

Chapter forty three

Sure enough, they don’t listen and God lets em know when they get there what He’s gonna do about it.

Chapter forty four

God talks through Jeremiah about people, wives specifically,  giving offerings to the “queen of heaven”. This is some sort if other god brought in by another group but popularly worshipped by the Judeans. Well, the wives of the population. Not sure if this extended to all women but only married women could give offerings or what the deal with her was.

They all get upset that things were good when they were offering to her

Chapter forty five

This chapter is a special message to the guy who took dictation for Jeremiah right before everything went down. He’s pretty down but God promises to take care of him in his travels.

Chapter links go to the ESV translations at but I’m reading from the ESV Global Study Bible, which is available for free on the Kindle Reading App.

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