Ms. Marvel Volumes 4-6


Ms. Marvel has been a favorite of mine since she came out a few years ago.

Ms. Marvel Vol. 4: Last Days (Ms. Marvel (2014-2015)) by [Wilson, G., Slott, Dan]Ms. Marvel Vol. 5: Super Famous (Ms. Marvel (2015-)) by [Wilson, G.]Ms. Marvel Vol. 6: Civil War II (Ms. Marvel (2015-)) by [Wilson, G.]

Volume Four: Last Days (#16-19 and Amazing Spider-Man #7-8)

What would you during the apocalypse?

I love the way this volume answers that question, and for more characters than our protagonist. More than that, getting back into these volumes reminded me why I love this series so much. The whole Khan family is awesome and so are Ms. Marvel’s friends.

This volume also has two great team-ups. The first is with Captain Marvel and then there are two issues of Spider-Man. The Spider-Man issues even include some scenes with Silk that were part of the set up to her series that I’m glad to have caught. If you haven’t checked out Silk yet, she had a short run with three volumes and I adore her. Here are my reviews: Silk, Vol. 0: The Life and Times of Cindy Moon by writer Robbie Thompson and art by Stacey Lee; Silk Vol 1: Sinister; and Silk Volume 2: The Negative Zone.

Volume four closes the first run of the Ms. Marvel series that constitute her origin and were published from 2014 to 2015.

Volume Five: Super Famous (#1-6)

Volume five begins a new set of Ms. Marvel storylines where she’s pretty well established and even became an Avenger along the way. It actually has two stories told in sets of three issues, beginning several months after the events of Volume Four. The first one is about her fame being used without her permission. I love that it talks about gentrification of neighborhoods and her use of the word “colonize” instead when fighting back against the corporation coming in. Still, winning doesn’t quite solve her problems here and I also thought that was a great touch. Sometimes winning doesn’t feel like winning.

The second set is a story about having too many things that you want to do to fit into a day for too many days in a row. What’s a superhero to do? Also, I love her interaction with Iron Man and Captain Marvel at the end. Again, her family is great in these issues. I love the way they react to just about everything.

Volume Six: Civil War II (#7-12)

As with Spider-Woman and Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel was bound to get caught up in the Civil War II event. It surrounds a young inhuman who has predictive powers and calls into question the morality of jailing people who were prevented from committing their crimes. The Spider-Woman and Mockingbird storylines were pretty straightforward. Ms. Marvel’s is not.

It’s actually beautiful and genius and gives us a great look into her family history along the way. There are two things that come into play here, one is that while preventing a crime is great, it also means that the potential perpetrators didn’t commit criminal acts and cannot be treated as such and then it brings into play the Lucifer effect that was studied during the Stanford Prison Experiment by Philip Zimbardo. Once the scenario is in place, what happens to those who do try to defy it? How long can it last before outside figures who are supposed to be moral step in?

Well, within the world of Marvel and the Civil War II, not too long. As we might remember from that run (reviewed here), the whole thing lasts long enough for things to get ugly among heroes but doesn’t end with some crazy event bringing them back together. It ends rather disappointingly with a major problem for the two of the heroes that make quite a few heroes realign sides. Independent of the event (Hawkeye shooting Hulk) that makes our long standing heroes go off the rails, Ms. Marvel has personal troubles of her own at the end here and I look forward to seeing her really get right again.

My favorite issue of the set was the last one in Karachi. The idea of searching for the other side of yourself isn’t exactly a new one among those of us who are first or second generation American. It’s not unusual to never quite feel like you can be somewhere that celebrates all of you at the same time. It does make me wonder if other people feel that way.

The last issue of the volume had a bonus Red Widow story called the Last O.P.U.S. that okay. I’m not really into all the spy stuff, so it just doesn’t catch my interest.

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