Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West


Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman - Lindy West West is incredibly entertaining. I listened to this audio book directly after Hunger by Roxane Gay and appreciated that Shrill continued the commentary and critique of being fat in America. The way we treat women of any size is a problem. If we aren’t the “right” size, we’re ridiculed and abused into getting there, if we are the “right” size, we’re objectified and sexualized without our consent and treated as if our bodies don’t belong to us but the men around us. Its a no-win situation. So how do we win?

Well, West appears to have a few ideas about that and some other things. I love her brand of feminism and her willingness to do the things despite knowing that the trolls will come. Keeping my little safe and supportive zone of feminism is great and all but I know I will need to get out there in front one day. When I’m ready. I’ve never been an out in front kind of person though. I’m more of work behind the scenes person and there’s always work to do there….

Anyway, Mindy West is very much a front lines against patriarchy woman. I love the whole thing about stand up comedy. I always loved stand up too and have gone through periods when its been harder to stomach and had people to avoid. I’ve never been one for making fun of the unfortunate and totally support West’s concepts of how comedy is supposed to talk truth to power. That was how I always felt about it too.

Her talk of her abortion is interesting and I’m not sure if it is because it makes me uncomfortable or despite that it makes me uncomfortable. Personally, I’m pro-choice which sounds like it should be obvious in some circles but there are tons of feminists who are against abortion. I appreciate the women who have written about their abortions in their memoirs. It allows others to see that this is not a thing that happens to only one kind of woman and in only one kind of situation.

The whole thing with her dad and the troll is just crazy. I’ve thought about it a few times since finishing the book and I just can’t get over it. If you follow her articles than you already know about this whole episode, but I had no idea and was just floored by the whole thing. What happened was terrible but her reaction was amazing and rather inspirational.

Altogether, the book inspired my feminism. I want to live more out there life she does but haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. Still, people like her inch me out there ever so slightly, one book at a time. I borrowed her audiobook from the library, but if you’d like to purchase it, click on the cover image. You’ll be redirected to Booklikes for worldwide options. You can also add it to Goodreads here for later.

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