Still Alice by Lisa Genova


Still Alice - Lisa Genova

Still Alice is a great book. I’ve heard Alzheimer’s disease described before and had a grandmother who suffered from dementia in her 90’s, but sometimes there’s nothing quite like a novel to help me understand what something is like. Its the beauty of books and the concept of “living a thousand lives”, right?

The story is told from the third person perspective but focuses on Alice herself, rarely diverting from her dilemmas. I thought the choice of making her a Harvard professor helped to show that there is no amount of intelligence or education that can make you resistant to diseases such as this.

The responses of her family were probably best case scenario, though. They weren’t perfect, but I’d call them pretty damn close to it, down to the lovely birthday presents they gave her and their willingness to help. The only one that got on my nerves was her husband occasionally, but I get his concern and why his reaction is different than that of their children. I adored the children.

The plot progresses with the disease and the many steps that one with dementia will go through. It starts with signs and we get to be with Alice through diagnosis and telling those in her life at her pace what’s going on. We get to experience all the little ways she deals with forgetting things and into the days that make Alzheimer’s sufferers look and sound crazy to those not in their minds.

I borrowed the audiobook from my library but worldwide purchase options are available by clicking on cover image or going to Goodreads.

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