Ezekiel 40-48: Visions of the New Temple

Ezekiel’s last vision is all about what happens when the Israelites return from exile. There are plans for the new temple, requirements for sacrifices and the behavior of both the prince and priests, and the division of land among the tribes.

Chapters forty, forty one, and forty two

Ezekiel gets another big vision where he has been picked up and taken somewhere by some man. This time it is a vision of the temple to come. It begins by describing the dimensions of everything as a blueprint might but also includes that all the Levites are no longer allowed to be the priests. It’s just the “sons of Zadok” now.

Chapter forty three

God Himself shows up at this point and begins to talk about how He will be there and all the things that had been done wrong to the old temple. He also gives special instructions on how to “purify” the temple as He had back in the days of Moses.

Chapter forty four

Special instructions from God continue, particularly concerning the prince and then priests. Again it is only the priests that have to marry a virgin, and not just virgins, but “virgins of the house of Israel” but also the widow of another priests is acceptable.

Chapters forty five and forty six

The guidelines for the prince continue and his responsibility to offer sacrifices on behalf of the people, to provide community space, during the feasts. It ends with where the offerings are to be cooked.

Chapters forty seven and forty eight

This section begins with the description of a nearby body of water, the Dead Sea according to my study section, and then on to the division of land among the tribes of Israel. Some interesting notes in the division of land: a provision God includes that those who are foreign but wish to settle in Israel; the temple itself, the community area, the prince’s residence, and a communal land for the city workers are all a separate portion and therefore not on the land of any one tribe; Joseph gets two portions.

Chapter links go to the ESV translations at Biblehub.com but I’m reading from the ESV Global Study Bible, which is available for free on the Kindle Reading App.


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