Ms. Marvel Volumes 7 & 8


Ms. Marvel Vol. 7: Damage Per Second (Ms. Marvel (2015-)) by [Wilson, G.]Ms. Marvel Vol. 8: Mecca (Ms. Marvel (2015-)) by [Wilson, G.]

This series just continues to get better. If you’re new to it, here is a link to other reviews.

Volume 7 (#13-18)

The main story is title Damage per Second but the volume also includes two other stories, one at the end and one at the beginning. The first issues is Election Day because Hydra has a few more tricks up their sleeves to try to take over Jersey City. I love the way Ms. Marvel handles it. She is an amazing character with ideals and actions that are worthy of referring to her as a role model, as we know so many fictional heroes are. I especially love her line: Democracy, sometimes a contact sport.

The last issue doesn’t have Ms. Marvel in it at all but catches us up on what’s going in with Bruno in Wakanda. I had a feeling that was going to come back around and I’m really looking forwardto whatever they’re building up to there. I especially enjoyed the cameo from another popular hero.

Damage per Second takes up four issues and has another of those themes that has come to be a hallmark of Kamala Khan’s. Try as you might, there are some problems that you can’t punch your way out of. Okay, I’m pretty sure the sentiment itself comes from one of movies but the point is still made over and over again in Ms. Marvel and I absolutely love it. What to do with a computer virus that learns from you? Check out the volume and find out.

The art has been getting steadily more grown up. She doesn’t look quite as young as she used to.

Volume 8 (#19-24)

I love that they included a story line about the holiday Eid! It’s great the way Kamala’s faith comes into play throughout her comics, even having scenes at the mosque over the issues, and even better to see her celebrating a holiday. This issue takes place during Eid Al-Adha (here‘s some info on it, if you’re not familiar with the holiday, as I wasn’t). I love that she has a hard time meeting the goat that they will slaughter and eat. Her internal monologue as their picking it out is hilarious. I’m all the more glad I don’t have to pick out my Christmas turkey. Apparently she wants to take it home as a pet and swears to be a vegetarian every Eid and then changes her mind again once she sees the food.

The evening of the feast covers the entire rest of the volume as the events of the last few volumes come back to haunt Ms. Marvel. It’s definitely an evening that is the culmination of much of her character arc since the beginning of Civil War II. I would not suggest picking this one up without the others. The whole evening is crazy and involves way more than Ms. Marvel herself. Her supporting cast of characters are brought in with some great wisdom and some great moments as her brother is being interrogated. It’s one of those scenes that is a little too honest for comfort, but comfort is overrated anyway. It’s a great moment and is even better when some characters must seek refuge and find it in a place that many of them would never have thought to ask.

At the end of the volume are two issues on a separate story line that brings back Kareem from issue #12 back in Ms. Marvel Volume 6. They’re adorable and do some great heroics together. I love the shift in media attention.

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