Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Knisley


Relish: My Life in the Kitchen - Lucy Knisley  After reading Relish, I just want to sit with Knisley and gush about all our favorite foods. I don’t have quite the educated palate, but it’s one of my favorite topics. Knisley includes a recipe at the end of every chapter of a food she talks about throughout the chapter too and I am definitely going to try them all! Okay, not the pickles. I’m not a pickle fan and don’t feel the need to create my own.

I do love comics generally and enjoyed the use of that format for a memoir. It’s 167 pages of story, which is about typical of a graphic novel, plus a few pages of pictures from her research. The story that the comic follows is all her most memorable food discoveries and I found myself reminiscing about some of my own after I finished it. I wish I could have been in so many of those restaurants, though I absolutely cannot handle New York City or Chicago. I’ve been to both and just can’t handle the crowds long enough to find the really good spots. Of course, I went before there were smart phones, let alone the tons of apps that tell where people are eating.

With my job, I have had the luxury of moving around a lot and it is one of my favorite things to find all the best local foods and gorge on whatever that thing is that’s special there before being forced to move on. That’s the sort of thing that made Knisley’s trips and moves so relatable for me. I understand the wonder of discovering a local food in a new place and the disappointment that it can never be replicated where you live. Some things can be, but not all of it.

I adored Knisley’s style for the artwork. The people are adorable and I found the arrows to everything cute and helpful. Above all, I love the way she illustrated the recipes. I would love a recipe book written like this. I even looked up whether or not she had written a recipe book after this one and am disappointed that she hasn’t. But then I saw all the other books that she has written and maybe there are recipes in all of them! I am definitely going to be checking out An Age of License later this year, though. It’s a memoir of a book tour through Europe and Scandinavia. There’s got to be a bunch more great food in there.

This book wasn’t available from any of my usual outlets, so I bought it on Amazon here. It’s available from other sources as well, click on the cover image for options at Booklikes or add to Goodreads for later. It’s a great choice for task #4 for Read Harder 2018, a comic written and illustrated by the same person.

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