Poetry Will Save Your Life: A Memoir by Jill Bialosky


Poetry Will Save Your Life: A MemoirIt’s funny sometimes how we can agree so well with another person about the things we appreciate in life but utterly disagree on taste within those things. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me with a fellow book lover but it still strikes as me as strange. I absolutely agree with Bialosky on the way that books can give us precisely what we need sometimes, even when we don’t know to look for it, but I can’t say that I felt that way about poetry in general or even the specific poems she cites here.

I did enjoy the book overall and the way that different poems affected her life in just the way she needed in different times. I have felt similarly about different books I’ve read over the years. I love putting this concept into memoir form. It would be fun to model a tag after the format of Poetry Will Save Your Life and have books for life events. As in any life, there are ups and downs, but for each of these, Bialosky has a poem that either best exemplifies her feelings or that carried her through.

Strangely, one of the drawbacks of the style was the brevity with which she made her points. She let the poetry do so much of the feeling for her in the memoir that her words always felt too short. I also didn’t feel like she hit the mark for the title either. I get her appreciation for poetry throughout the events of her life, but not how it saved her.

I borrowed Poetry Will Save Your Life from my local library. It’s also available to be purchased through several outlets listed on Booklikes here or add to Goodreads for later.

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