Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige


Dorothy Must Die - Danielle  PaigeDorothy Must Die was just what I needed. My reviews don’t come out in exactly the same order as my reading and I had just gone through some pretty heavy material and needed the break. This was everything I hoped it would be. I’m a sucker for revisiting a world I know and I do love new interpretations of those worlds and enjoy what Paige has done to Oz and Dorothy and everyone else. I’d been wanting to read this for a while and am glad I finally took the time to read it.

Amy Gum is our protagonist and she is certainly flawed which is part of what makes her great too. She’s ready for an adventure when she finds herself in one but is anyone ever really ready for what they asked for? The story twists and turns and we meet all the familiar characters in not so familiar ways and some new characters that embody familiar archetypes. There are wicked ones and flying monkeys and munchkins but they aren’t as they were in the original story. Of course, neither is Dorothy.

Dorothy as a villain is a lot of fun too and I love the little differences in the ruby slippers and Toto and the way she dresses. I also love the way this change in her is described. We don’t quite get the full backstory, and I do hope to see it in another one of the books, but Amy takes a minute to think about how a good person can be corrupted.

I listened to the audiobook, borrowed from Scribd, which was 14 hours long. As expected, the last hour was the best and I adored all the revelations that happened in that time. I know I have to prioritize the rest of the Read Harder Challenge and some commemorative months I plan on observing later in the year, but I can’t wait to finish the series just as soon as I can. They’re all available in audio from Scribd, so I know I’ll get a chance to eventually.

Dorothy Must Die was the perfect choice for me for task #16 of the 2018 Read Harder Challenge, the first book in a new-to-you YA or middle grade series. As mentioned above, I read it on Scribd, though it is also available, in ebook only, from my local library and as well as for purchase from several outlets. Click on the cover image for purchase options from Booklikes or add to Goodreads for later. 

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