Wires and Nerve Volume 2: Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer


Wires and Nerve, Volume 2: Gone Rogue - Marissa Meyer,Douglas Holgate,Stephen GilpinI read and reviewed the first book of this series last year, which is available here. I’ve also gone on, at length, about how much I adore Marissa Meyer and the world she created for this series and the Lunar Chronicles. Gone Rogue continues the story with Iko as the protagonist. As mentioned in the first volume, Iko is hunting down the wolf packs that Levana unleashed back in Scarlet.

We get a bit of an update on what’s happening with all the entire ensemble from the Lunar Chronicles series, but not a lot of any of them except Iko and Kinney. There’s more Cinder here than there had been in the last one, but far less Cress, for example. This volume does continue to use the blue gradations instead of black and white or full color. It’s a little unusual but I have been enjoying it. The biggest difference, as this book carries on the series, is that this one explores Iko’s humanity quite a bit. It was really satisfying in that way because it plays with that idea of what humanity really might be and what it definitely isn’t. The tension between Iko and Kinney was a lot of fun.

My only issue with the series is that it ended way too abruptly for me. I’d have liked a bigger denouement maybe but I’m always happy to get what I can from characters I’ve loved so much. As with the last volume, I definitely had to run out and get the hard copy for myself.

Reviews for the others are at the following links: Cinder, Scarlet,  Cress,  Winter,  Fairest  (read before Winter for best impact), and Stars Above.

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