5 Cute Books with LGBT Romances

I’m not one for straight up romance stories, but I do love a little romance in any story. In my reading, I’ve come across a few adorable romances between LGBT characters and one not so adorable romance. Here they are:

First Kisses and Other Misfortunes - Kimberly KaraliusThe Darkest Part of the Forest - Holly BlackThe Terracotta Bride - Zen ChoTell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel - Sara FarizanThe Tale of Yin

To be honest, most of these fall under the short variety of story but their romances were adorable and therefore appropriate for this list. As a bonus, here’s a book with an LGBT romance that is not adorable but passionate and insane and complicated along with the rest of the plot that surrounds it – The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne. That one messed with my brain.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a nice beach read and celebrating National Pride Month, any of these would be an excellent choice. Since several are short, I’d take more than one.

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